Complete List Of Works By Joe Beck

Suburban Sins (novel) 2018 author

Acts Of Love (play) 2017

Our Lady of Queens (play) 2016

Dictators For Hire (comedic play) 2013

Against The Odds- (memoir) 2010  ghostwriter
Destination Wildlife- (travel guide) 2009 contributor
The Ultimate Home and Property Maintenance Manual (How To Book) 2007 author
Staying Sane When Buying of Selling Your Home (How To) 2007 contributor
100 Of The Greatest Inventions Of All Time (Nonfiction) 2004 contributor
Prescription for Murder (novel) 2007 author
The Fuhrer's Gold (Novel Treatment) 2009 author
A Birthday Party (Play) 2010 author
Saddam The Musical (Play) 2005 book writer
Thanksgiving (Play 2005) author
Fuel (Play 2008) author
Don't Leave Tracks (Play 1993) author
Murderous Huntington (Play 1990) author
Hector Elizondo: Man of A Thousand Faces (Article) 2005 author
A Long Way From The Bronx: A Profile of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor (Article) 2009 author
Fernando Ferrer NYC Mayoral Candidate and Ex Bronx Borough President (Article) 2003 author
The Day I Fell In Love With My Wife (Article) 2000 author
Recognizing Hidden Intelligences (Article) 1999 author
Louisiana Missionaries Over Africa (Article) 1984 author
The One Great Scot In My Life (Article) 1985 author

Short Stories 

The Scanner
A Servant of The Truth
Beverly Hills Landscaping
Black Tires For All Of Us
Primitive Love Hugs
Caveman Prologue
Dreaming of Home
Jordan Wilson
The Wizard of Audubon Woods
Saving Herbie: A Dog With A Big Heart
Farce History
The Jose Viera Story
Out Of The Bottle
Pink Ink
Real Authority
The End of Everything
The Great Con: Queens In The Dark
The Scanner
Yard Warriors
Louisiana Missionaries Over Africa
The One Great Scot In My Life

Education Articles

Recognizing Hidden Intelligences
Fear and Peer Pressure In 8th Grade Lives and Literature
On The Brink
Critical Thinking In The Classroom
Grave Circumstances
Taking Care Of Business
Dr. Carlos Cortez

General Articles

Hector Elizondo: The Man with A Thousand Faces
Kathleen Rice: Nassau County’s First District Attorney
The Day I Fell In Love With My Wife
The Last Laff
Baumgartner’s Brain: Inside the Mind of a Daredevil
Shaffer Criticizes Reagan On Deficit
Mentoring The College-Bound Latino Student
Mood Lighting: Bright Ideas on how to best Showcase Your Inventory
Mansion Has Ghostly Past
Pressurized Ripening Rooms
Saddam’s Musical Mid-Life Crisis
Everybody Loves Tony
Oneonta Plans for Changes After New Law
Blues Legend Tears It Up At Chesterfields
St. Patrick’s Parade Shows All A Good Time
Innovative Mix Of Bulbs Creates Distinct Areas
Creative Lighting Sets Mood, Increases Sales
Irish Filmmaker Bob Quinn Visits SUNY Oneonta
Fall Fashion Predictions
Man Is Freed After Hostage Incident
On Safari at South Country Library
The Byte Returns To Lee Dining Hall
Professors Protest
From Guatemala to St. Francis De Sales
Bayport Family Helps Heal A Child
May Proclaimed Senior Citizen Month At President’s Recognition Day
AFCOMs Evolves From New Command To Multi-Dimensional Organization
Prompt Payment act Revision
Ballinger: Expanding Products Stocked, Increase Hours, Services Boost Sales At Drum, Belvoir-And Now Meade
Wilson Moves To Boost Morale
Vitamin Displays Must Be Designed to Foster the Concept of ‘Section Shopping’
California Recycles Outside Stores
Merchandising Vitamins In Commissaries
California: Here We Recycle
Hen House’s Ozone Gas Increases Product Life
Vons Will Roll Out Electronic Checking
Upscale, Urbanites Flock To Premium Entrees: Study
Kroger’s 800 Hot Line Heats Up Switchboard
On-Site Sausage Makers Reap Healthy returns
New Hannaford Warehouse Doubles Frozen Capacity
ACUHO-I’86 Conference A “Peak Experience”
Best And Worst of Times In Sales of Two Cities
Low Start Up Costs Luring More Units to On-Site Pizza Production
Spartan Effort Racks Up Better Misting System
‘Big Chill Celebration’ Has Shoppers Wishing Upon A Star Market Ad
Piggly Wiggly Offers Electronic Pay Choices
Many Plan To Use ESFR Sprinklers In New Depots
NFFA Seminar to Focus On Consumer Changes
Automation Should Serve Customer
Survey Identifies 30% Savings In Metropolitan Area Commissaries
A Fair Shake At Employment for HRC’s Largest Job Fair
NEX’s, MCX’s Honor Cards For Less
DoD’s Anti-Smoking Campaign Criticized as Both Too Stern and Not Strong Enough
Fort Meade’s New Commissary Improves Item Selections And Patron Services for 25,000 Military Families
Quadrupling Of Sales As Ad sees the ‘Light’
Supermarkets Of The Future
From The Resource Guide To The Novel
Can-Am Games Coming to Long Island, New York
National Barrier Awareness Day
Revolutionary Procedure for child With Cerebral Palsy
Pediatric Head Injured Patient Conference A Success
Wheel America: George Klimpel Memorial Award To Be Presented
March Vote Could Spark Tax Refund
East Northport/Commack Residents Given Choices Of Post Offices
Polling Places Set for Special Election
Rescue Mission In Need Of Help
South Greenlawn Cleanup A Success-For Now
Buying A Home: The American Dream
Local Support for Suffolk County Prevention of Cruelty to Children (SPCC)
3 Types of System Drive Coupon Programs
Finding The Right Mix: In Store Baking Equipment
Groups Will Monitor New Sprinkler Heads
Ralphs Coupon System Based On Scanner Data
Credit Cards Now Offer Convenient Services To Overseas Exchange Patrons
Impulse Sales Sparked By Display Cases
Business Okay After Novelty Recall
Albertson’s New Distribution Center Expected Next October
Canadian Cart Fight Goes Tow-to-Tow
Competition Leads to Unit Overhauls
Overhaul or Build Anew-How Units Face Competition
Fire Protection Group To Hold First Meeting
Foodland’s New Warehouse Doubles Frozens’ Capacity
Four Major Chains Install Electronic Coupon System
Voices Heard: Disabled Travelers of Nassau County Urged To Attend Public Hearing
Ice Cream Ad Contests Pay Off Big At Baker’s
Human Resource Center’s First Job Fair
Massapequa Man Remains Optimistic Concerning Injury
Community Speaks On Long Island Development Center Expansion
Reorganization Proposed at South Huntington School Board Meeting
Vanderbilt Museum Gets New Trustee
Newspaper Ad Doubles Frozen Novelty Sales
Huntington Cable Under New Ownership
Huntington Loses Business Leader
Automation Improves Manager-Customer Contact
Shoprite To Use Selling Sign
Retirees Filling Growing Need For Experienced Workers
Senior Games for New York: Participants Rather Than Victims
Senior Foresight Often Proves Valuable
Alice Faye-The Girl Next Door
Nassau County’s Own Son
A Greater Role For Your Local Pharmacist
In The Arts, there is only ability. There is no Disability
Intramural Sports Program for the Disabled Sees Success At Nassau
SUNY To Divest In South Africa
Man Is Freed After Hostage Incident
Generic Equivalent prescriptions Proposed At Huntington Red Cross Meeting
Huntington Nautical Heritage Preserved
Invisible Mist Keeps Items Looking Fresh In Meat, Deli
Loblaw’s Carts Secured
Loblaw’s Plans More Coin-Deposit Carts
National supermarkets Offers Cards for Checks, Other Uses
Improved Technology Can Cut Energy Costs
Marsh and Publix Starting Early On Frozen Food Month
Store Traffic Design Can Maximize Sales
How To Overcome Market Saturation
EFT Conference Plans ‘Success Story’ Theme
A&P Warm To Equipping New Stores With New A/C
Amendment to EFT Act Ends Retail Statements
To Get “Em Back-$50 And Trip To Cart Pound
On-Site Smokehouses Bring Long-Term Profits
Wetterau Halfway To Computerized Inventory System
NAWGA Meet Trucking Along
Yes, We Have Banana Ripening Rooms
Premium Meal Habits Of The Rich and Hungry
Worldly Approach Taken By Ralphs In California Ads
Hands-Off Congress on EFT Seen
Houseman Joins Elite Group Of Certified Unit Designers
Private Label Falls for 5th Straight Year: SAMI-Burke
Section 504 Public Hearing Results To Travel to UMTA
Check Approval Cards Test Well At Bel Air
Lucky Adds Service With EFT Subsidiary
Retailers Await Benefits of Food TV Network
DGSC Purchases $47 Million In Equipment
Blaze Destroys Otsego House, Barn
Senate Oversight Subcommittee Adopts Amendments to Prompt Payment Act of 1982
Shirley To Vote On Name Change February 9th
Curling Up For A Good Read in the Bellport Library